Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Old Shed Decoration

We were the recipients of these two vintage (antique?) tools.  
Rebecca had the idea to hang them on the side of our shed last night I climbed the ladder and fastened them.  (Thanks, Rick!)
The scythe still has some "life" in it.
Not exactly sure what the other one is.
Just found out!  A Hay Knife. The tool has two wooden handles, one for each hand. The right hand stays stationary 'loosely' to allow a swiveling action.

"The design for this style of hay knife was patented by George Weymouth of Dresden, Maine on March 7, 1871. The patent was reissued in 1882 and 1886 and both of those patents were assigned to Hiram Holt. His company, the Hiram Holt Company of East Wilton, Maine, sold them using the name Lightning Hay Knife. The cost for a Lightning Hay Knife was 50 cents in the 1897 Sears and Roebuck catalog."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Outdoor Projects

Never mind that the bumper of the car needs repair!
I tightened up the four backyard chairs before applying a protective coat.
Out they'll go again to maybe last another season or two.
 If I have any poly left, I'll coat this decorative birdhouse.
I re-roofed it with a piece of scrap metal.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

(Re)Born on the 4th of July

Sanded and did some wood fill repair on a couple of spots before painting this $2 garage sale find.
It cured over night and stands "in place" in our kitchen/dining area to hold cookbooks and other treasures.

I didn't notice the irregularities at first.  And only after moving it into the house did I see one!  (See the bottom, right-hand corner & the left vertical line...)