Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vanity, Vanity. All is Vanity.

After deciding to paint over the stock oak finish of one of our bathroom vanities, I removed the door and drawers and hardware.  The high gloss paint I first applied produced an odd effect - the grain of the original finish seemed to show through, producing an uneven appearance  So after a couple of coats (and one of primer), I covered it all with semi-gloss black.  The end result is much preferable.

(This picture is actually of the high gloss, but it gives the effect.  The mirror above the vanity is also painted.)


  1. Thank you, my love. I appreciate and admire the way you stuck with it until we got it right!
    Your patience is amazing, matched only by your skill and hard work.

  2. It looks beautiful Gary. And you have so inspired me. We have an old ugly vanity in our bathroom. I have never thought of painting it!
    Thank You! Love Di

  3. I forgot to ask you Gary, have you ever hung anything heavy with a French Cleat? My husband is thinking of using this method to hang a large heavy mirror over the fireplace.
    We have researched other ways to hang it but this one sounded pretty good. I was just wondering if you've ever done this before.
    Love Di

  4. Diana,
    i have used a French cleat, though I had to look it up to see what it was. I have hang a cabinet with that method. The only question I had with the mirror is how long it would hang out from the wall? Thanks for your comments and question.

  5. I'm not sure I understand the question Gary. I guess if Jake were here I could ask him. I am assuming that you mean how far out from the wall, the mirror would stick out. If this is so, up to two inches and it would still look alright. The walls are thick plaster, but the studs are in the perfect position for the mirror. Jake thinks that molly bolts won't be long enough and doesn't want to use,(I think they are called toggle?) bolts for some reason. I think is biggest concern is the weight which is probably around fifty lbs. The french cleat looked like a good secure method, perhaps making one on the top and bottom? Love Di

  6. Di,
    You got what my question was? I wouldn't want the mirror to stick out to far from the wall on the sides. But it will be a good way to hang it especially getting it into the wall studs. Post a picture when you get it up.

    Have a great day. The sun just came out here. It is great.


  7. Thanks Gary, I will definitely post a photo when it's done. It will be awhile though as we will hang it last after we paint. But we both thought it would be a good way to go!
    We'll keep our fingers crossed!
    Love Di


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