Saturday, September 4, 2010

September Projects

Found at an estate sale yesterday for $2.50.  There is a lot of rust...but I THINK I can turn this out to be a good-looking metal cabinet!

the inside

the latch
 Another project already in motion.  A friend found this chair on a trash pile and picked it up for us!
I guess we have a reputation.
 I'll need to recover the seat.
This object (don't know what to call it) was on a trash pile several months ago when my wife and I were enjoying a housewalk.  She saw it and we loaded it up--not sure what to do with it.  Yesterday we saw it in a decorating book at Borders standing elegantly in the entrance hall of an 18th century home!  After painting it (it's only primed in this photo), we'll look for a piece of glass to put on top of it.


  1. Ah yes I was going to suggest a table! Very good finds Gary, I just know the cabinet will turn out great! Love Di ♥

  2. Good projects, yes that base is a table base that had the ' faux bamboo ' look to it. Looks like someone else painted it white , they were usually natural colored , though I have seen some in a beige. Good luck, Gina


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