Monday, November 21, 2011

Stripped and Ready

The original finish is removed and the cabinet is ready to be stained. Investigation proved the sewing machine's bobbin case to be damaged and not worth, I fashioned a bottom to fit the cavity.  This will provide yet another storage possibility to this unique piece of furniture.


  1. Beautiful! I have one I sanded, primed & is awaiting her paint. I'm more of the cottage creams. I love how this looks stripped raw however. nicely done. tammy

  2. Might this be my 2011 birthday present???? (Hint, hint, hint.)

  3. Sorry about the machine, but I just know something clever will come out of this!!
    Strange too my friend and her husband are redoing the veneer on an old sewing machine cabinet. The machine still works and I am repairing an old doily for her that she bought to go over the machine! Love Di ♥


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