Saturday, May 5, 2012


 These two pieces caught our eye as we drove down the street.
 A curbside survey told me it was repairable
so we loaded it into the car.
 At home, I fashioned two boards to replace a broken and a missing piece.
The only expense was the purchase of 2 eye hooks.
We'll decided whether to stain or paint the piece next week.
I'm leaning toward paint...
It's a very comfortable seat for two.
We like it already.


  1. Great find! I think paint would be so pretty...

  2. I think it is wonderful the two of you have the same eye for refurbishing...I look forward to seeing it finished.

  3. I think paint would look good too Gary. Oh how I love seeing what you two do with your finds. You are so talented!! Love Di ♥

  4. You are doing such a great job of turning the old into new again!


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