Monday, July 9, 2012

Free and Finished

 See the previous post for the condition this cedar chest was in
 when we picked it up.
 I fastened the loose veneer
 and carefully stripped the worn finish.
I didn't attempt to remove the larger black stains on the top,
but worked a bit on three smaller black circles with some success.
Then I applied two coats of lacquer, sanding in between.
I'll apply a paste wax at least to the top after the lacquer has cured.
We'll probably set the cedar chest at the foot of our bed.


  1. Just beautiful. I have one that was my great grandmothers. It had a clock on it, now missing. And for legs, also missing. But it still looks pretty nice! Love Di ♥

  2. You work wonders! You are speedy, too!
    My husband is good at resurrecting castoffs, but it seems to take "forever".

  3. What a transformation. My brother-in-law made cabinets and musical string instruments. I can appreciate the work that goes into finishing wood. I remember my mother's Cedar Chest but don't remember who got it in our family. I enjoy seeing your projects.

  4. your redo is great...the wood is beautiful on this chest.


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