Friday, August 23, 2013

As August Wanes, Work Waxes

 Finished (above)
We're keeping it - at least for awhile.  It's in our kitchen.
 This little stand was found at a garage sale.  
  I'm taking off some veneer and repairing some
  before sanding and painting.
Now for the FREE stuff!  This table which we're turning into a
kitchen island (or potting bench)
and the dilapidated cabinet which needs quite a bit
of stabilizing.  I also picked up a bunch of wood.
This all off of Craig's List.

The nightstand below was found on a curb.
I flipped the top over to do away with the distressed top
and then chalk-painted (homemade) the piece.
It only needs waxed and buffed before going to market....

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