Thursday, December 24, 2009

Shabby Chic Chair (Happy Birthday, Rebecca!)

Front and back view of the finished chair.  Thrifted for $3.

One of the back legs needed repair.  A triangular 3"-4" piece had broken off the leg.  I formed and attached a patch, primed and painted it to match the paint.  I rearranged the padding under the existing upholstery and then covered the backside (which was not finished) with some drapery fabric we had on hand.

My wife calls it "shabby chic".
I call it her birthday present!


  1. Very nice Gary. I wish my hubby were home more often. He's pretty handy too!
    Love Di

  2. Di,

    Thank you for you response. I am very fortunate to have some time. It is a good change of pace for me.


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